Chrome 103 beta adds native font access and Defate-Raw compression

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Chrome 103 beta adds native font access and Defate-Raw compression-ITdotFollowing the release of Chrome 102 this week, Google has promoted Chrome 103, its cross-platform web browser, to a beta version of the Beta channel. Chrome 103 beta introduced 103 Early Hints HTTP response code support to help web developers optimize the core network, the Federated Credentials Management API is a new origin experiment, and now also supports native font access.

Chrome’s local font access allows to enumerate locally available fonts and metadata for said fonts so that they can be used in web applications to customize text stacks.

Chrome 103 beta also adds support for the “defate-raw” compression format, allowing web developers to access raw deflate streams without any headers/footers. This deflate-raw support can be used by web applications to read and write compressed files.

For more details on this week’s Chrome 103 beta, see the blog: also has more information on all the changes found in Chrome/Chromium 103 so far:

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